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Office Fit Outs

Whether you are already staying in your chosen office or starting to look for another one where cost effective solutions can be used for utilising the space, expect that Park Office Consultancy Ltd will always be on your side. We will be by your side, guiding you and also providing you with necessary information when it comes to making the right decision on your office fit out


What We Can Do For You

Before we can even start the process of fitting out, we make sure that several important things are considered. This way, we can make sure that all decisions made were based on facts that would make every option perfect for whatever business our client has. So, what are services that we can offer? Check out the following:

Building Appraisals

Prior to fitting anything out, we will help you in assessing the buildings included in your list of potential office. If you are already satisfied with your current office then we will still conduct this process to find out the most cost efficient solutions for your home.

Cost Estimate on Construction

Since we want to work out a perfect plan for the allotted budget that you already have, we will be giving you one time estimate for the entire project that you are planning and make sure than it will not change or even increase throughout the progress of the progress. We guarantee you that there will be no hidden fees or separate costs for other concerns.

Telecoms and IT

As we take the process of fitting out, we want to make sure that your business will have the continuity of running and is on top of its operation. To do this, we always secure your telecoms and IT system by establishing it first and never make the running system go down.

Test Fit Drawing and Space Planning

Say, you have already found the building that you want and we have already assessed and created a series of cost effective solutions. We will then proceed to test fit drawing and see how the space planning and solutions created would work on your office space. It is our goal to make your decision in choosing an office space worth it by creating a plan that is suitable for the work place and will fit the preferences, and also, the feel that you want to achieve when you start working on it.

There are more things that we can provide when you choose to call for our services here in Park Office Consultancy Ltd. We will take all precautions to make sure that we can end up with a decision that you will not regret. It is true that deciding on office fit outs would be challenging for some but with the help of our professional team, the entire process in office fit out can be done easily. This is what we guarantee our clients especially those who are in the process of transition from one office to another or from a dull office to an exciting one.

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